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Stand out. Move ahead. Major in data science at Iowa State University.

New! On June 7, 2018, Iowa State University announced a new undergraduate major in data science. Beginning Fall 2018, you can declare the major and prepare for a career in data science, one of the top jobs of the future.

With a major, minor or certificate in data science, you will graduate with the technical knowledge and skills to navigate an increasingly data-driven world.  Enhancing a degree with data science means journalists can translate data into facts and reliable sources; an engineer can convert GPS data into a self-driven car; a business leader can turn risk into revenues; and a linguist can automate learning and understanding to improve education for future generations.

You can boost the power of your resume with technical and communication skills that employers will continue to seek in high demand. In the data science program, you will learn how to apply data science concepts, tools and methods to data analysis pipelines. You will gain the ability to visualize, interpret, and communicate data output, and leverage the analysis of data to make informed decisions and projections. You will also explore the ethical, legal, societal, and economic concerns in application of data science concepts.

With flexible options of the major, minor or certificate, there’s no reason not to explore data science. The program is designed to easily fit into students’ current academic plan, with complimentary prerequisite chains and flexible offerings.

Major in Data Science

The Data Science major is intended for students with strong quantitative backgrounds and has the goal of educating students on the technical fundamentals of Data Science, with a focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to transform data into insights. The major is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to prepare themselves for the exciting Data Scientist positions that are in high demand today.

Undergraduate Minor in Data Science

Iowa State students currently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program can pursue a minor in data science. You will interact with faculty and students from multiple colleges and degree programs, giving you a diverse and comprehensive experience.

Certificate in Data Science

Current students or students who already earned a baccalaureate degree can pursue a certificate in data science, either on or off-campus. The certificate is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to prepare themselves for a new, enhanced, or more fulfilling career.