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Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science

Current students or students who already earned a baccalaureate degree can pursue an undergraduate certificate in data science. The certificate is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to prepare themselves for a new, enhanced, or more fulfilling career.

12 Credits of Core Courses

DS 201 - Introduction to Data Science

DS 202 - Data Acquisition & Exploratory Data Analysis

DS 301 - Applied Data Modeling & Predictive Analysis

DS 401 - Data Science Capstone

9 Credits of Electives

Electives will vary dependent upon the interests that you select.

"There are so many jobs in data science now. With all of our smart devices the world has been collecting a lot of data - with watches, phones and even toasters. Now there is all this data and no one knows what to do with it. That's where we come in."

— Ashley Dvorskey 
'18 Software Engineering

"Students will need more and more skills to acquire, process, clean, analyze, and present data by using data visualization. The data science program delivers these skills and the knowledge they need to apply them."

— Adisak Sukul
ISU Faculty Member