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Undergraduate Minor in Data Science

Iowa State students currently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program can pursue a minor in data science. You will interact with faculty and students from multiple colleges and degree programs, giving you a diverse and comprehensive experience. This minor is only open to undergraduate students.

9 credits of core classes

DS 201 - Introduction to Data Science

DS 202 - Data Acquisition & Exploratory Data Analysis

DS 301 - Applied Data Modeling & Predictive Analysis

6 Credits of Electives

Electives will vary dependent upon the interests that you select.

Courses selected to satisfy the minor must include at least 6 credits in courses numbered 300 and above taken at ISU with a grade of C or higher.

"A minor in Data Science allows me the opportunity to expand my skills and interests in a field that is challenging, exciting, and constantly growing. My particular field of interest focuses on using data analytics in the entertainment industry to better understand the audience and create better content more suited to said audience."

Sundar Shivraj
'23 Computer Science

Students will gain the following skills by completing a minor in Data Science:

  • an ability to apply data science concepts, tools and technologies to data analysis pipelines,
  • an understanding of ethical, legal, societal, and economic concerns in application of data science concepts,
  • an ability to visualize, interpret and communicate the output of data analysis pipelines to stakeholders, and
  • an ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams using concepts and tools from data science.