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Undergraduate Major in Data Science

The Data Science major is intended for students with strong quantitative backgrounds and has the goal of educating students on the technical fundamentals of Data Science, with a focus on developing the knowledge and skills needed to transform data into insights. The major is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to prepare themselves for the exciting Data Scientist positions that are in high demand today.

Major Requirements


39 credit hours of core courses

Emphasis Area

9 credit hours in a specific area to examine applications and theory of data sciences 


23 credit hours of foundation courses

Emphasis Areas

  • Big Data
  • Engineering Applications
  • Optimization
  • Security
  • Software Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Computational Biology
  • Numerical Analysis


Data Science Curriculum Flow Chart

"The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong growth for data science jobs skills in its prediction that the data science field will grow about 28% through 2026."

— Forbes Magazine

“Data Science at ISU has been a journey that has gone beyond honing my coding or statistical tools; it has been about applying them in ways to help communities.”

Jessie Bustin 
'22 Data Science